Kathryn Maloney
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June 21, 1991
Born in Belleville, Illinois on June 21, 1991.
June 1991

Dad handing Katie to her new brother!

June 1991
"My baby sister"
June 1991
Aunt Wanda and Katie
1991 (a few days later)
Christmas 1991
First Christmas (with big brother Kevin)
Easter 1992
Dad and Katie
Easter 1996
April, 1998
First Communion!
December 14, 1999
Page One of an entry in Katie's journal.
December 14, 1999
Page Two of an entry in Katie's journal.
June 21, 2000
Katie's 9th Birthday Party
2001 - 2002 School Year
Speech Club
Katie made this.  She cut out all "Her Favorite Things" and pasted them on a big board.
2002 - 2003 School Year
Safety Patrol
2002 - 2003 School Year
June 2003
Katie's 12th Birthday.  I made a video of all the pictures from her birthday under the "Audio & Video" section of this website.
July 10, 2004
FLOAT TRIP!  What a great day that was.
July 14, 2004
Passed away at the age of 13.
July 15, 2004
Article from News Democrat.
July 15, 2004
This was the obituary in the Belleville News Democrat.
July 17, 2004
Family Record

This is a page taken out of Katie's Condolence Book on the day of her viewing.
July 18, 2004
Written and read at Katie's funeral by Lauren Gulley (Page One)
July 18, 2004
Written and read at Katie's funeral by Lauren Gulley (Page Two)
July 18, 2004
Written and read at Katie's funeral by Lauren Gulley (Page Three)
May 3, 2005
Dedication of tree and garden at St. Clare School.
This was taken of Katie's school website.  She attended St. Clare Catholic School.  They dedicated the 2005 Track and Field season in her memory.
June 21, 2005
Our celebration of Katie's 14th Birthday.  There are more pictures under the audio/video section of this site.  These are the 13 balloons we set free as we sang Happy Birthday!
June 21, 2006
Katie's 15th Birthday!
June 21, 2008
Katie's 17th Birthday!
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