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6 Long Lonely years without You  / Kevin Maloney (Dad)  Read >>
6 Long Lonely years without You  / Kevin Maloney (Dad)

Katie i just left the cemetary where i left you a rose to show my love for you.I cant believe you have been gone for 6 years. I Love and Miss you every single day. Every single day that I got to spend with you I was so proud to have you as my daughter. I always tell everyone you were my Sunshine. I often ask God to let me hear your voice or feel your touch or see you ...... Just once! I think of the joy that would give me but I guess He thinks its not time yet. I pray every day that someday we will b together again and it gives me joy to think of that day but untill then i will have to rely on the wonderful memories I have of having the best daughter a father could ask for. My Sweet Angel Katie I will Love you forever!  

Loving and Missing You Everyday


Time / Aunt Wanda (Aunt)  Read >>
Time / Aunt Wanda (Aunt)
Hi Katie I am awake at 12:30 this morning couldnt sleep.  Today 6 years ago about this time your wonderful life ended.  I went over the pictures and the rememberances people put on this website and your like touched so many people.  The tears that fall as I see the pictures help to soften the pain.  Time has helped but this time of year is the hardest for me and I wish so much that you were still here with us.  Everything that happened those days after you left us are like a movie that plays over in my head.  The pain of losing someone so young and vibrant is just unbearable.  I hope wherever you are that you are happy and that you can help us to make  our lives better because we knew you and loved you so much.  Take our love with you and keep it in your heart.  Always Aunt Wanda Close
wow / Aubrey Harris (a best friend )  Read >>
wow / Aubrey Harris (a best friend )

i just found this site on an old piece of paper...and well here i am. 

i cant believe its been almost 5 years since you left us.  katie i made it thru high school!! you would have loved it.  i wish i could have shared those amazing 4 years with you by my side. hey, we could have done speech team like old days.  every year at OTHS i wanted to try out for it, but i just couldnt bring myself to do it...it reminded me too much of you. and besides, i would never have found a duet partner like you! so i never did...(speech team kids were weird there anyway) but we coulda played sports together...ahh st clare days were the time of my life.  i remember mr puccetti was so mad when you hit that QP girl :)  ..oh the memories.  and now its time for me to grow up, and leave ofallon...but you know ill always come visit you.  speaking of that, dont worry, all us girls are gettin together july 14th to visit.  i really miss you. i catch myself staring into space wondering....wondering what you'd be like today, wondering how things would be different if you were here, wondering if, from the stars, you still watch me and laugh at my stupid jokes and boys.  you'll always be in my heart and on my mind no matter where life takes me.  more than most people know, you have changed my life katie and you will never be forgotten.

ps..i have a bunch of pictures of us...ill put them up here one day.



its crazy how time goes...  / Krystal Carter (bestfriends)  Read >>
its crazy how time goes...  / Krystal Carter (bestfriends)

its crazy how im almost 18 years old and im always thinking about you... it still hurts me and  i will never forget the times we spent with each other.  i saw your mom not so long ago it made me wanna cry because i see you in her .. i felt your spirts with her.. i have a beautiful baby girl and her smile reminds me of yours.. if only you could see her.. it hurts to think that we use to waste r times worrying about lil boys when i wish u where here with me now picking out colleges or worrying about what we r going to do with our lives next.. i miss u and wont forget you

love always

your true bestfriend

Me and My sisters miss and love you!!!!!  / Mary Bixby (Friends, and friends of the family )  Read >>
Me and My sisters miss and love you!!!!!  / Mary Bixby (Friends, and friends of the family )

Dear Katie;

  Me, Katie, and Sarah miss and love u. u the best friends to us and we will never forget the fun we had (that we had played games and went swimming.) So we love and miss u. U and ur dad are like really close and he misses u alot.

                                       Love, Katie. Sarah, and Mary Bixby

Happy Sweet Sixteen Katie !  / Kevin Maloney (Dad)  Read >>
Happy Sweet Sixteen Katie !  / Kevin Maloney (Dad)
Dear Katie,

Happy Sweet Sixteen ! Baby WE all celebrated your Birthday today. Your Aunt Wanda, Uncle John, KC , Kyle, Hailee, your new Stepmom Tonia, and Myself sent you 13 ballons and left 3 at your grave, as we have been doing every year on your Birthday. Sweatheart I always thought you were sweet on every birthday from the first one on, until the day you left us. Katie my heart still breaks every day that your not here, but I'm starting to remember you more with a smile  as time goes on because You Will Always Be My Sunshine.

Thank You For Being my Daughter and My Sunshine Forever,

Love Dad Close
I MISS YOU  / Terry Maloney (Uncle)  Read >>
I MISS YOU  / Terry Maloney (Uncle)
Katie, you are such a warm and special person and God takes people for reasons we may not understand, but perhaps to make everybody else smile.  I have a great loss for you, like everybody else, and I believe God wanted you early cause he loved you so much, he wanted to spare you a life in this immoral society that we are living it and it will only get worse and so, all I ask to help your Uncle Terry, your dad and your two brothers, mostly, which I know you will.  I think of you every night, every day, just like you were my own daughter - you are my own daughter, in my heart.  Grown ups learn from you - how easy it is to make other people happy. I love you and miss you.  Uncle Terry. Close
Wishing You a Happy Birthday!  / Aunt Wanda Stache (Aunt)  Read >>
Wishing You a Happy Birthday!  / Aunt Wanda Stache (Aunt)
Hi Katie    Went to spend some time with you the other day.  You have been on my mind so much lately, suppose because this week you would have turned 15.  Two years and it still seems like yesterday.  Miss you more and more but I know you are happy in heaven and that helps the sorrow.  All my love and just a thought to wish you a Happy Birthday, baby.   Love Aunt Wanda Close
HAPPY EASTER KATIE  / Tami -Mom Of Angel Ryan Hook   Read >>
HAPPY EASTER KATIE  / Tami -Mom Of Angel Ryan Hook
Promise cut short  / Marie Witzel (great-aunt)  Read >>
Promise cut short  / Marie Witzel (great-aunt)

When I met Katie for the first time, she was only about 6 yrs. old.  I taught her to play a few card games, and was amazed at how quickly she learned.  My thoughts then, and even now, were; this girl is going to really do something big in her life.  The promise was there, but sadly, we`ll never know what she would have accomplished in her life.  My sympathy goes out to all her family.  I know how devastating something like this can be, as I lost a 16 yr. old grandaughtera few years ago.  The loss still haunts us.  I know Katie is up there in God`s arms, and I like to think that she and Casey(my grandaughter) get together to play a few card games and talk "girl talk".

what a role model!  / Kara Rapien (cousin)  Read >>
what a role model!  / Kara Rapien (cousin)
Katie used to come to our house in the summer. She would come stay a few days and play with her cousin Madison. Even though Madison is a few years younger than Katie, she was always SO good to her. I can honestly say that Madison looked up to her. I remember the Tuesday before Katie died, I called my Uncle Kevin and left a message for him asking him if Katie was ready to come stay for awhile. I'm sad to say that she never got to come that summer. Since then our summers aren't the same. They never will be, and I am so sorry for that!! I have to say this though, since her death, I look at my daughter Madison and I see Katie in her soooo much!! They don't look "alike", but you can tell they are relation. So many times, whether its a look, a certain smile, what she is wearing(t-shirt w/ her hat on backwards) or just the hair color and style, I see Katie and it makes me so proud. Madison really looked up to her, she wanted to dress like her, be funny like her, and be a good athlete like Katie. She still keeps a shrine of her cousin on her desk and still "sees" her often. I can't think of a better role model for Madison. I owe Katie a big THANK YOU for leaving such a lasting impression on her little cousin Madison. She keeps Katies spirit alive in her heart and in mine. Oh! Keep watching over her Katie, she knows you are there. Close
I never got the chance to know her  / Julie Fisher (Angie's sister )  Read >>
I never got the chance to know her  / Julie Fisher (Angie's sister )
I  never had the chance to know her
to meet her face to face.
She left us all too soon
to go to a better place.

She was her family's angel and her Daddy's pride and joy
She could play any sport as good as any boy
She had a smile that was amazing
it could light up anyplace
She lived her short life with passion
she seemed blessed with such grace
She is missed with such power
her Daddy's hurt doesn't go away
but he seems content knowing
He will see Her again someday!
These are the things I know about a little" Katie Bug"
And I can't wait to meet her , one day,
To give her a great big hug!

Thank You  / Carlos (Friend)  Read >>
Thank You  / Carlos (Friend)

I received an email from Carlos Goldberg and thought I would share it under the Tributes section.

I love the website. thank you for remembering of her, you have brought back memories from my grade school days. We all miss her and think of her often.

I would like to suggest a song that you might be able to play " Lean on Me" by Bill Mathers. It is the song the 8th grade class of 2005 dedicated to her when we planted the beautiful tree in the front of St. Clare School.

Thank you for your time. and thank you for helping me remember Katie.

Carlos Goldberg

Carlos, I will be adding the song to the website soon. Thank you for your email.

true bestfriend  / Krystal Carter (bestfriend)  Read >>
true bestfriend  / Krystal Carter (bestfriend)

Dear katie...

look what u wrote me...
dang...the funniest, worst, and best crap has prolly all happened with u... we have been best friends for quite a while and man it has been a hell of a ride! with anthony and spyke lmao but seriously..i knew i wuld be rite bout ap...it will work trust me..as soon as he gets his butt back in this country! lol but yea..u will be happy just like every1 else..thank u for always talkin to me bout the most important crap there is...ur the only one that prolly actually cares as much as u say u do..and i no i needa get over him but i just love him so much and i no u no how that is...lylas bff

yup... thats what u wrote... to be honest... i get soo upset each day... because when anyone doesnt wanna get loud or crazy or... sing out in public.. or meet new people with me... im like dang i wish katie was here.. like when u left i seriously lost a piece of my heart.. in it hasnt came back yet... one thing i regret.. is when i left st.clare... cuz that totally change everything.. for u n me.. we still talked... but u no it wasnt the same... but for some odd reason.. 3 weeks before u died.. we became really really close more then ever n the last week like 2 days... before u died. we like talked all night long.. i mean it happen for a reason.. we talked about like everything we've went threw.. i really miss track man.. it was delia i feel ya maloney baloney... n ya no the name carter farter... yup yup... some of the clothes.. u let me borrow r still with me.. i like keep them locked in my dresser... in i just look at it.. in i have a picture of u in my room.. n anyone who comes to my house... ask me whos the picture of in im like kt.. but.. ha to bad u cant see the picture im actually glad cuz u would kill me!!! i swear lol u would... on your funeral i sung lean on me.. remeber how me u n nia in leann went to hocmoming in swansea n we sung that all night together yup... i always sing that song in everyones like shut up.. in im like nooo u shut up! lol yea.. i feel like your still with me... i mean i still act like your around.. im like omg that one time me n kt did this.. n oo kt would say somethin like that...your one of the most beautiful people i have ever met u always smile.. i remeber when we use to just look at each other we would start buggin up .. i miss that not to many people can make me smile anymore.. u always would do anything for me.. which im apprericate it alot... i didnt even realize how much u did for me intil u were gone... last time i saw u.. we made cookies at my house about 4 days.. before u died.. in when i walked u out side.. i was like bye my homie g.. in u were like... see ya later carter farter... ... but your right about seein u later... i miss u in love <33

Memories / Wanda Stache (aunt/godmother)  Read >>
Memories / Wanda Stache (aunt/godmother)

Katie, Beautiful Katie, remember that song; I use to sing it when I saw her and she would giggle and the brightest smile would come across her face.  I have so many memories to share of Katie, she was my niece, my godchild and special friend to my grandaughter, Lauren.  I remember when she made her First Communion, I wanted to do something special for her as she was my godchild so I asked her Mom if I could pick out her veil for her and she said ok.  I found a beautiful pearl crown and sequins it was just right for her.  I also put some applique on the front of her dress to match some of the beading in the veil.  She looked so beautiful almost like a little bride.  Now as I look back and know she will never walk down the aisle as a bride, this will always be my favorite picture of her so sweet so innocent and so beautiful.  Her aisle is in heaven and it is lined with many pearls and lace, the flowers are so many and her joy is endless.  Each and every day that I see her face and think of all the fun and laughing that I heard from her and the others she played with will always keep me smiling.  I may shed many tears but in my heart I know Katie is safe from all harm and her joy will last forever.  We will be together again some day and again share our little song Katie, Beautiful Katie.    Love Aunt Wanda

Her beautiful smile  / Angie Graves (Friend of the family )  Read >>
Her beautiful smile  / Angie Graves (Friend of the family )

Theres not a day that goes by that I dont look at Katies picture sitting on my shelf and see that beautiful smile.  Her smile would light up a room. I think about her always and wish that me and my children would have had more time to spend with her.  The time we did get to spend with her was precious. Always laughing and smiling and joking. My daughter Hailee took to her so well and loved being around her. I thank my boyfriend, Chuck, and his whole family for giving me a chance to love her and let her be a part of my life. Im so sorry for your loss and will always be here to help you heal and share your memories of Katie. Love, Angie

When I Met Katie . . .  / Tonia Townsend   Read >>
When I Met Katie . . .  / Tonia Townsend
Cute Little Angel Girl

When I first met Katie, she was a little nervous and so was I. I mean here is this woman that her dad likes and she had never seen her dad with anyone other than her mom. Though the separation was months earlier, you could tell it was all still new to Katie.

The first meeting was brief, just a few words and lots of smiles. Shortly thereafter, Katie got the flu and I put together a basket for her with all the things a young girl might want or need to make her feel better . . . magazines, crossword puzzles, soup, crackers, 7-Up, etc. She seemed surprised about the basket, yet overjoyed. Around that time came Easter and again, I made her (and her brothers) an Easter basket filled with candy, games, etc. Again, she seemed to enjoy it.

Shortly after those meetings, I could sense that Katie was pulling back. I believe that she was being pressured into not liking me. I didn’t know what to do at this point. I cared about Kevin and really wanted his children to like me. I wrote her the following letter:

Hi Katie:

I know this seems kinda weird, me writing you a letter, but I wanted to tell you a couple things and wasn’t exactly sure how to do it - so, I figured this was the easiest way.

Me and my dad are very close, closer even than he is with my sister and 2 brothers. I say this because I want you to know that I understand a relationship between a father and his daughter. There is nothing in the world more important to a father than his daughter (by the way, don’t tell Kevin and Kyle this lol). Anyway, when my mom and my dad got a divorce, I hated it. I hated the fact that my mom wouldn’t be around anymore (she moved to California by the way) and I hated it even more that I didn’t have my mom and dad together anymore. When my dad started dating again (and eventually got re-married), I HATED her. I don’t even know why - I guess because she wasn’t my mom. Anyway, unfortunately for me, I wasted many months hating this woman who was making my dad so happy. But, eventually, we became friends and all was well. I think what made me realize it was that no matter if his girlfriend was in the picture or not, my mom and dad were never going to get back together again. I finally accepted it and then we became friends. My dad (and my mom) were both so much happier apart.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I could never take the place of your mother, and have no intentions on even trying. You are very special in your dad’s life and no matter what, you will ALWAYS come first to him.

I hope we can become friends.


That letter seemed to change everything. It was only about a day or so later when Katie asked if we could talk - without her dad in the room. She shared with me some very personal things that were going on in her life and I truly felt honored that she felt comfortable enough to talk to me about these things.

Over the next several months, we did many things together. We went shopping for clothes (even though her dad didn’t want me spending so much money on her, but I just couldn’t resist), we rented movies, we all went to a friend’s for Fourth of July and shot off fireworks, we all went on a float trip, out to dinner several times, had a small birthday party for her and spent lots of time talking, coloring her hair, remodeling her room and much more.

As time passed, me and Katie really got to know one another. I remember thinking, "This is going to be great, I finally have someone that actually enjoys shopping as much as I do." I have a son of my own, but everyone knows how girls are. The thought of her someday becoming my step-daughter was a joy.

That joy was soon shattered. The young girl that smiled every time I saw her face - was gone. The man I knew and fell in love with was no longer the same happy person. The two brothers that Katie had - lost the glow in their eyes. The family members I met were all met with tears in their eyes. The feeling of helplessness overwhelmed my days and the feelings of sadness that were all around overwhelmed many lives.

Unfortunately, the concert tickets we bought her on her birthday to see Evanescence never got used. Though we thought about going to the concert for her, it was just something that we couldn’t do – she was supposed to be the one there. Unfortunately, the computer I put together for her would never again be touched by her soft fingers. The beautiful blonde hair that we lightened just a few weeks before would never again feel the wind blowing through it. The clothes that we picked out together sat in a drawer in her dresser. The room that we all helped make fit her personality would now sit empty, with the door shut. And this, was just the beginning. . .

I have never known what it feels like to lose someone so close to me, especially my own child, and I have never had to be there for someone in this type of situation. This is my story of Katie’s impact on life after she left us in this world.

I was not welcomed by someone at Katie’s viewing (wake) or the funeral. This is a portion of the story that will not get told because this website is not intended to reminisce on Kevin’s divorce, but to remember Katie – and we will leave it at that. I, however, did attend the viewing several hours before anyone else and did plan on going to the funeral. I had never been to either before. The only family members I had lost in the past where when I was young or lived very far away. I had no idea what to expect. When Kevin and I walked into the mortuary, all around us were boards filled with pictures of Katie. We stopped and looked at each and every one of them (some of which we had put together the night before). Kevin told me stories as we looked at each picture. He was crying, but seeing Katie’s smile and remembering her life, he couldn’t push away the smiles, the joys and memories of the life that he had with her. As we approached the other room and started to walk toward the casket, Kevin grabbed my hand and a feeling of panic set in. I couldn’t move. He squeezed my hand tighter and we began walking closer. With each step I could feel my heart thumping harder and harder and Kevin’s hand squeezing tighter and tighter. Only steps away, I could see Katie’s body lying there. I could hear Kevin gasping for air and holding back the tears. That didn’t last long. This was the most saddest moment of my life. How do you comfort a father who just lost his only daughter. How do you make someone feel any better when there is nothing you can do or say to make this all go away. He reached in and began to stroke her hair as he started to talk to her. We both cried. Before walking away, we slipped a couple pictures and a rosary in the seam of the lining in her casket and Kevin bent down and gave her a kiss. It was truly the saddest moment of my life and for the first time, I knew there was NOTHING I could do to make it any better.

I did not want to leave Kevin there, especially alone, but knew I had to go soon. Fortunately, Kevin’s nephew and his girlfriend, Chuck and Angie, walked up. They knew we were already there and they also knew Kevin would be alone. Their thoughtfulness and understanding was exactly what he needed. I left, but returned on several occasions to help Kevin through the hardest times of the day by being there (outside) for him when he needed me. The amount of people that came and went was astounding. The support of the community was astonishing. The love, and loss, of this beautiful young girl was overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, by the end of the night, Kevin began having chest pains and eventually agreed to go to the hospital. He missed the funeral, but only after a long struggle with the doctors and ultimately, almost passing out when he was getting ready to leave the hospital. He was there for several more days, as was I. There was no machine or medicine to take away the pain that Kevin was going through. There are no words to help him feel better. They say time heals all wounds – I disagree. I believe, though, that time helps you deal with your wounds, but they are never gone. You never get "over" the loss of a child, you just learn to adjust your life to get "through" it. Some days, harder than others. 

As time has passed, over a year now, through stories, memories and photos, I have learned that this young girl, so full of life and energy, who always wore a smile, who would do anything for anyone, who enjoyed sports, reading, writing, parties and music, who loved her family, her pets, her friends and even strangers, is dearly missed and is truly loved by many.

And for you Katie, if you can hear me when I pray, you are truly an angel that was put on this earth only for a short time but have touched more lives than anyone I’ve ever met. I know that you are in a beautiful place and I know that you are waiting for those who miss and love you so much. Please watch out for your brothers and comfort your family and friends when they need you the most. You are the most beautiful person in your father’s eyes and he misses you more than you will ever know. You are his angel and he anxiously awaits seeing you again. We will meet again and, until that time, please know that your memories are here, your photos are everywhere and your life (and love) has touched (and continues to touch) so many. We love and miss you!




From Uncle Mike - He wrote this to be read at Katie's funeral  / Mike Maloney (Uncle)  Read >>
From Uncle Mike - He wrote this to be read at Katie's funeral  / Mike Maloney (Uncle)

You are now a bright shining star in God’s heavenly array. Your light will shine on all those who have known and loved you. Your gentle smile will always be in our thoughts and your light will shine in our hearts forever. This is not good-bye, but just a short pause in time until we join you in God’s great tapestry of the Universe. In the short time you were with us, you touched so many lives, but those memories of you will last for many years to come. We love you and will miss you every day.

Uncle Mike

Enties Taken From Previous Guestbook Created by Greg Joubert  / Various Friends   Read >>
Enties Taken From Previous Guestbook Created by Greg Joubert  / Various Friends

March 22, 2005

Dear Maloney Family. I am so sorry for the loss of Katie. She truly was an angel. She was on of the best people that I could have ever known. I will never forget what Katie was like. Just remember "What ever happens.... Happens for a reason"

I like to say that Katie’s purpose on earth was served and it was her time to go and be with the one true maker. Just think of it this way. She is much happier now that she is up in HEAVEN. KAtie will always be with me and all the other people's lives she touched. We will alaways be here for you

Carlos,Lindsday,Paula,Leslie,Gary,Pat,Jenny,Micheal & Michelle Goldberg (Fairview Heights, IL )

July 19, 2004

Dear Maloney Family. We are so sorry for your loss. Our daughter Felicia went to school with Katie and spoke very highly of her. Felicia said, as everyone else has said, Katie was a very sweet and loving person. Our hearts and prayers are with you. May God be with you and help you through your time of sorrow.

Jerry, Melinda & Felicia Parker (O'Fallon, IL )

 July 18, 2004

To Katie's family,
If there was a way in which I could reach into your hearts and absorb only a portion of the pain... I would.
I think it is important not to dwell on how Katie died but the way she lived.
May God bless.

Greg Joubert (Belleville, IL )

July 17, 2004

To the Family, God has called a very special young lady home. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lori Zackrie (Shiloh, IL )

July 16, 2004

To the parents and brothers of Katie, You have suffered a great loss, Heaven has acquired a great gain. As your heart aches, please accept the peace and healing that God has for you. He is indeed a very present help in times of trouble. You are loved.

Miriam Harmon (East St. Louis, IL )

July 15, 2004

Dear Kevin, Mike and I are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. May peace and comfort be with you knowing Katie is with the Angels watching over you and your family. Love, Mike and Debi

Mike & Debi Santoro (Belleville, IL )

July 15, 2004

Katie Maloney as everyone said was a great person. She brought happiness to everyone that was around her. Katie Maloney had lots of friends that cared for her and loved her to death. I wish every night that Katie was still with us this day and on. But if thats too much to ask for, then I hope that she found happiness where she is now. We love her and she will always be in our hearts.
Always & Forever Katie.. Leann

Leann Dixon (O'Fallon, IL )

July 15, 2004

Katie was truly an angel on earth and if you are greeted by angels at heavens gates, Katie was greeted by thousands of them. I miss Katie very dearly and wish she was still with us today. So Katie, we love you. I'll meet you there.

Nia Vincent (O'Fallon, IL )

July 15, 2004

Chris and Kevin-
My heart is breaking for all of you. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense. You are in my thoughts and prayers. IF there is anything and I mean anything I can do for any of you please let me know. Even just to talk Chris. Katie was my only girl in our car pool. She was my "pal" on those wild days of driving the boys to and from St Clare. Please call me if you need anything. I am out of town this weekend. I wish I could be here. Please know I am thinking and praying for you.
God Bless you and help you through this.
Love, Donna, Ken, Kris and Korey Clements

Donna Clements (Caseyville, IL )

Angels Are Always There!  / Shirley Tuttle   Read >>
Angels Are Always There!  / Shirley Tuttle

 Prayers for Kathryn, her family and friends!